Hi! Wonder, what this is all about? Well, go here to the sourceforge project homepage and download your bits. Playing with this small, easy to set up wiki is really fun!!

Has this piece of software been released under the GPL? Currently I am working on a version for myself and I wanted to ask, before I make it available to the public
-- According to the page it has, though there aren't notices on the files... :(

There is a lot of junk on this page. Im have commented it out. If you want to read it, or add some, view the source or click edit. Please place legitimate information in new nodes. Use The SourceForge Forum for support requests. I left a few things intact that I thought were interesting. A User - 3 May 2004
Virtual Charlie was here

If you want a Wiki that's as easy to set up but a bit more up-to-date (works with PHP4/5 with no strange mods) and more powerful, you may want to try Giki, a fork of "Wiki!"

This is a pretty stylin' wiki machine.

I'm looking for a way to add php code the wiki page contents, so I can insert polls or counters to some of my pages. Would be really useful IMO. But as the php tags are treated as text, there seems to be no way? Is this really impossible? I can't believe that?! Please help me! -- If you could add code via the forms, then everyone could!

Note: I have found that a "form" tag can load arbitrary text off a remote site. It should also be able to load what ever script you wish to use. But making the script user editable would require some other tool. I discovered this because I added a PayPal donate logo to my wiki. Now I realise that was stupid, due to the intentionally insecure design of this wikiwiki.

is there a way to automatically create backups of my pages? thanks in advance for any help!

Note: If you have a Linux server, use Chrontab. could give you details, and a lot more solutions. I'm lazy.

I had to add this code to most pages.

without the slashes, i couldnt get it to display a square bracket

$title = $HTTP_GET_VARS"title";

and to get the login to work i had to add

$title = $HTTP_GET_VARS"title";
$user = $HTTP_POST_VARS"user";
$pass = $HTTP_POST_VARS"pass";

to login.php and adduser.php


For PHP 4 adding import_request_variables("gP"); to all pages does the trick for me.

Furthermore it might be handy to have a Languages page for all the contributions translating the
Finally, add the texts username an password in the files please?!

A Solution To Document Locking

Here are a few tricks I've learned.

Simple Cron Backup Script

Line Break Style Sheet


I'm having difficulty with this Wiki, because of some HTML Elements that arn't working right. Namely, the greater- than and less-than symbols gets mangled when editing a page. For example, try typing in the symbol for less than and greater than, then saving the page. It won't work. Then try typing in the HTML ENtity encoding version for less than and greater than (the one with an ampersand and a semicolon at the end). That will work once. When you edit the page again, the symbols turn into the regular symbols (not the entity codes) so you've lost it. Is there a way I can somehow preserve these codes so when I go to edit them, they remain the way they should be?


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Very good wiki!

Hi guys! Richie's here.

Chinese Links Test

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